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Image Via Happy Orange

For as long as there’s been sexual drive there’s been sexual satisfaction.

Luckily, for as long as there’s been sexual satisfaction there’s also been tools to help us with the titillating task.

Namely, vibrators! Which like a lot of things in life, have come a long way since their humble origins.

So in order to fully appreciate the leaps and bounds we’ve come, let’s recognize all the wild places our little buzz-filled friends have been.

And celebrate our favorite modern pleasure tools.

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5 summer sex positions blog sex with blog

Photo by NOTAVANDAL on Unsplash

Summer is heating up, and so are our libidos.

But with the warmer weather comes heat fatigue, and sweaty sticky bodies.

While some people find the sweaty vibe very sexy, others (myself included) do not. 

Here’s how to still get down with your lover while keeping as cool as possible this summer, with our top 5 summer sex positions.

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staying cool during summer sex blog sex with emily

Photo by Yoann Boyer on Unsplash

Summer temps are here to stay, but don’t let that put a damper on the sexiest season of the year!

Because there’s nothing hotter than steamy sex. Unless it’s steamy sex that literally gets too hot.

So to accompany the adventurousness that comes with summer’s arrival, here are our top 6 ways to beat the heat…. without sacrificing any sensuality in the process.

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