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441c540177591b3999744512ef8d27a4Recently I’ve noticed a trend amongst my female friends, the women in my family, and even myself. It’s a negative one, and I think it runs rampant amongst a lot of women. It all started this week when I was talking to a friend. She was sharing an opinion of hers when it came to relationships with men, then she stated “But then again, I AM crazy.”

The next day, I had a conversation with my mom in which she also stated “It’s my crazy talking” and “People just think I’m crazy.”

As I noticed all these strong, beautiful women referring to themselves as crazy, I took a look at my own behavior and realized that I do the same thing. I tend to preface my opinions with “Before I say this, remember I’m a little crazy” or “I’m just really crazy this week.” This isn’t that shocking considering my mom does the same thing. Continue Reading

No doubt exists that all women are crazy; it’s only a question of degree.” W.C Fields

It’s high time men get more creative when revealing the reason they broke-up with someone. Have you noticed? It’s always because, well, “she’s crazy.”

I’m not saying she isn’t, wasn’t, ain’t, but it seems to be the cliché blanket explanation that unifies the majority of breakup tales with women.

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