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441c540177591b3999744512ef8d27a4Recently I’ve noticed a trend amongst my female friends, the women in my family, and even myself. It’s a negative one, and I think it runs rampant amongst a lot of women. It all started this week when I was talking to a friend. She was sharing an opinion of hers when it came to relationships with men, then she stated “But then again, I AM crazy.”

The next day, I had a conversation with my mom in which she also stated “It’s my crazy talking” and “People just think I’m crazy.”

As I noticed all these strong, beautiful women referring to themselves as crazy, I took a look at my own behavior and realized that I do the same thing. I tend to preface my opinions with “Before I say this, remember I’m a little crazy” or “I’m just really crazy this week.” This isn’t that shocking considering my mom does the same thing. Continue Reading