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introvert blog sex with emilyDating can be a challenge for all personality types: introverts, extroverts, and whatever the hell Taylor Swift is. Just because you’re an introvert doesn’t mean you don’t want lasting love and connection!

You’d just rather do it on your own terms. Which is, most likely, at home in your PJ cuddled up with your cat. So, here’s some tips and tricks for dating people when you’re perfectly content being alone.

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IRL blog sex with emilyIn 2019, the idea meeting your special someone IRL, and *not* on an app can feel more outdated than flip phones and plastic straws.

Of course, falling in love in old fashion way isn’t just possible, it’s easier than you may realize. And whether you’re totally #over the apps or just want to get better at meeting people IRL, these tips will have you off your phone and in the zone.

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September news blog sex with emilyThe cooler temperatures of fall may be just around the corner, but our September edition of sex in the news is here to heat things right back up!

Between ad wars, the apocalypse, sexy chicken and vaginal breakthroughs – it’s been a pretty big month for the realm of sensuality. To explain it all, we’ve rounded up a new dose of sexy headlines that are currently taking the world by storm. 

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