Your Biggest Turn-On’s and Turn-Off’s Revealed!

What gets you hot, and what gets you hot and bothered? I recently asked people to share their biggest turn-ons and turn-offs. The most amusing and true turn-on and the turn-off win Forta, an all natural sexual enhancement for men and women. Various themes were prevalent for both turn-ons and turn-offs— mouth (kissing-turn-on, bad teeth- turn-off), sweat (“sweaty man” – turn-on; but B.O. -turn-off),  and leg wear (fishnets- turn on; socks- turn off).



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Episode 399 – Kinky

Adult film star Pony from Kink says she’ll try everything twice. Emily and Pony talk about polyamorous relationships, BDSM for beginners, why you should try getting sexually shocked with tasers (rather than for drunkenly trying to tip a cop car, like you normally do), and the site Divine Bitches.


Episode 326 – Sex Bucket List

Emily talks about Halloween night and going home to Michigan for Thanksgiving. Emily and Menace compare what’s on their sex bucket lists and discuss the most fun places to have quickies.  Also, a man confuses a donkey with a prostitute, semen strips, dating on demand, and female ejaculation.


Episode 321 – Hot Spots

Guest Dr.Jallen Rix talks about pleasing the prostate, experiencing deeper orgasms, backdoor sex toys, and stimulating your ultimate pleasure spots. Emily and Rix discuss how to become open to new experiences and how to share your fantasies with your partner. Also, sex homework assignments and why sex is like a pie.


Episode 318 – Carnal Confessions

Emily reads carnal confessions from the SWE Treasure Island Music Festival Booth. Apparently, most people like it in the butt. Emily and Menace discuss if it’s ever okay to  use a coupon on a first date. Also, Social networking sites that can help get you laid, dating younger men, why you should say yes to every invitation, Sesame Street gets sexy, and having sex while skydiving?


Episode 302 – How to Make a Sex Tape

If Paris Hilton and Pamela Anderson can do it two times, why can’t you? Today Emily walks you through how to make your very own sex tape, and most importantly, what to do with it when you’re done (hint: not leaving it on your zip drive at the office). Emily shares her favorite sex story about Menace, talks about dating bad boys, and the possibility of “ecstasy” killing cancer. Menace thinks he’d make a good part-time Teletubby, and we talk about oral sex in marriage and how to make long-distance relationships last.


Episode 295 – Walk of Shame

We all have to do it at some point, so we might as well know how to do it right. Today Emily drops five big tips for how to handle your next walk of shame. We then learn how to encourage your wife to fantasize, what gives Menace nightmares, and the Panty Dropper drink recipe. Plus, a new study shows men value love more than sex.


Episode 292 – Club Kiss

Emily’s intern went to a “play party” this weekend, and she gets into all the juicy details including her first romp in public. There’s good news about infidelity, and Iran has a hot new kind of sex-ed. We find out why being a father may lower your testosterone, and why Emily won’t be speaking at Menace’s yet to be planned wedding. Taking a cue from her intern, Emily discusses her history with threesomes.


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