“Unbutton the Top Button,” And Other Lessons From Aunt Linda

Unbutton Like a Good Girl...

The Sinclair Institute, a sex education company promoting “better relationships and better sex,” carries sex toys and their own line of erotic films.  I chose to watch “The Voyeur” from the Romance Collection, a female erotica series and learned some life lessons in addition to sex tips.  Linda, a tall, thin, redhead with a European accent is the aunt of Brenda, who is blonde and beautiful, but uptight.  Brenda seeks Linda’s advice as her marriage begins to stale.  Linda’s words throughout the movie are wise.

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Bondage At the Library, 50 Shades of Grey

There is something about the sexy librarian look that has male fantasy longevity.  However, Tuesday, October 2, Emily discussed something more hard-core at the San Francisco Public Library-BDSM, in honor of National Banned Books week. 

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