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fun blog sex with emilyAttraction is chemistry meeting biology. When one sees someone they’re attracted to, their eyes dilate, a rush of neurotransmitters flood the brain. It’s carnal. Mouths water, skin gets goosebumps, and hairs stand on end.

Sometimes sex can feel like a spiritual experience, like two souls emotionally and physically intertwining. In the media it’s portrayed as the culmination of tension between two people – the ultimate expression of connection. 

But sex doesn’t always have to be so serious. And sometimes there’s too much pressure on making sex more ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ rather than ‘Fifty Shades of Play.’ If you feel like the heat is beginning to cool, here are some ways to bring fun back into the bedroom. 

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Creative Conceptions has created all the possible ways to have all types of erotic fun in the bedroom. And not only that, it’s a fantastic icebreaker & a great way to get your fantasies met. From sexy dice to board games to card games, the possibilities are endless!

roleplayEven sex gets boring if you’re doing the same thing with the same partner every night; that’s why roleplay is so much fun! You feel like you’re having sex with a famous doctor or a sexy police officer instead of your husband Bob.

The key to roleplay is letting go of your inhibitions. You’re not a High School math teacher tonight, you’re Princess Leia damn it! Here are four fun ways to get into roleplay.



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In a gripping exposé that takes the romance of stargazing to a whole new level, Intern Steve uncovers a sexual community based around a love for The Girl Next Door – the girl in this case being Selene, the Moon herself. Speaking to a representative of the Lunarsexual community, we learn about some of the clique’s turn-on’s, turn-off’s, and what happens when you greet your idol with a little too much enthusiasm.  Tune in below!
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