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non-sexual blog sex with emilyWhen I say I am a “BDSM coach,” people often respond with wide-eyed surprise. Of course the titillation is there when people hear “BDSM”, especially thanks to 50 Shades. But I think it is mainly because “BDSM” screams “kinky, unconventional naughty sex” to people.

There are many aspects of BDSM that do not include sexual contact at all. Some activities are also what I would consider “sex adjacent”. This means there is no sexual genital contact, but there might be some sexual allure/arousal occurring.

This article provides some examples of the glorious non-sexual aspects of BDSM.

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zumio erotica sex with emily blogI walked in through my front door after what felt like a very long day at the office. The last thing I expected to see was a hand-drawn map on the floor.

Hanging up my purse and keys, I squatted down to take a closer look. Upon closer inspection, I realized it was a map of our apartment, with a large X marked “you are here” right at the front door. The living room is marked “make-out zone”, the kitchen says “impact play”, and the bedroom is called “pleasure town”.

I chuckled, my husband’s silly sense of humor amused me, and also made my cheeks feel flushed. The workday is long forgotten. After all these years, my husband could still surprise and delight me.   Continue Reading


Join us today on part three of our Sexual Alphabet exploration, as we uncover the safety and sexy aspects of gagging your lover, the hedonistic delights of harnesses, and the intrigue of impact play. 

These acts all require a bit of safety knowledge, so make sure to take notes before diving in.


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