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How many times have you heard guys complain about coming down with a case of self-induced carpal tunnel as a side-effect of vigorous masturbation? Maybe it is just because of my line of work, but I hear the sore-hand gripes pretty damn often.. Which is funny seeing as guys have all their fun parts right on the outside.

For women, any type of masturbation involving a sex toy requires a combination of awkward arm angles, contorted wrists and violent hand-jerking movements – 25 minutes later, you’re rolling around on your stomach trying to hit that sweet spot without dislocating your shoulder blade, chasing that orgasm with a cramped wrist and a broken spirit. No wonder we’ve convinced ourselves that we need a man to do it for us!

Guys have recently advanced their ability to self-please with the invention of the Fleshlight, but women are stuck trying to mount their dildos, all in hopes of reaching orgasm before the dreaded dead-arm kicks in. It was this struggle that inspired the team of Glovin Life, LLC to take masturbatory issues into their own hands.

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