Sexual Superheroes: Record Setting Sex Acts

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Summer is a good time for enjoying your free time outside hiking, swimming and soaking in the sun and all it’s glorious vitamin D…. or reading for hours on the Internet! In the jovial spirit of the latter, here’s a great way to spend your time this afternoon. Enjoy this collection of awesome and surprising sex world records.

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5 Fitness Tips to Improve Your Sex Life

Chatelaine Magazine wanted to find out my exercise routine, or should I say ‘sexercise’ routine.  Fitness is important for better sexual health. Here’s my go-to recommendations:

1. Do yoga
The flexibility of yoga definitely is important. But beyond the flexibility for certain positions it has so many benefits in that it makes you less stressed. It opens up parts of your body that can help you when you’re having sex.

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Video Podcast – Erotic Suggestions

Emily and Menace debate ideas for reigniting the spark during National Romance Month. Emily likes many of the ideas, but Menace doesn’t see her fulfilling any of them. She also discusses the notorious “strange puss” comment made by her date David on the season finale of Miss Advised. A caller does some interesting delving into Menace’s love life and he makes her a proposition she can probably refuse. Other topics include: libido issues, ben wa balls, and sexy camping. Watch the video here 

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The Straight-Forward Guide to Reverse Kegels

A loyal listener emailed me about Reverse Kegels, a mysterious and Premature Ejaculation-prevention maneuver that, like Dark Matter, theoretically forms the complement and gives shape to regular meat and potatoes Kegels.

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SWE – Sexercise

Sex burns calories and can be more fun than the gym. Emily is your personal trainer and leads you through the best sexy exercises for better sex, from cardio to Kegels.

Emily gets stopped at the Las Vegas airport security because she has too many vibrators in her bags.


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