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tumblr_n5dovxfM741t38daro1_1280Let’s admit it: no matter how great your sex drive is, there is always room for a little boost. Just when you thought that you
would be stuck popping horny goat weed forever, science pops up with a new enjoyable way to bump up your libido. XXX Vapor, a company specializing in vaporizer products and accessories, and targeted toward the adult entertainment market, has recently announced the launch or
a new product that does just that!
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The celebrities have all the fun…

One A-list celebrity wanted to play this prank at his party with his friends using the well-known erectile dysfunction-solving pill, Viagra.

Daily Mail reports, that the flavor is called “Arousal” and each scoop is laced with roughly 25 milligrams of Viagra, which is half of the recommended dose. Just enough for the crowd to feel the effects. Continue Reading