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Oral sex on a woman can be challenging, to say the least. As one of our winners from the Masque contest put it– “make sure to google map her clitoris.” As the queen of cunnilingus this week, or at least the queen of receiving cunnilingus, our winner gets some goodies from Masque including sexual magnets, a shirt, and Masque samples in all flavors. We love hearing from you. Here is what the Sex With Emily audience had to say about the art of cunnilingus: Continue Reading

Emily helps teach a kissing workshop at Good Vibrations. A guest on the show asked her to be his demonstration model. Emily agreed to kiss him in front of a classroom full of people, all for the sake of helping people of course. Her advice: kiss your partner the way you want to be kissed. Ask them to kiss you back in the same way and then switch.

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