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Think back to those middle school/high school days. Remember that algebra class or those standardized-tests the state forced you to take every year? Do you get a little queasy thinking about the exams you studied for? The sweaty palms, the foot-tapping, the chewing on the eraser end of your pencil…?

Even as grown-ups, there’s no shortage of stress-inducing situations we find ourselves in; only difference is, we’ve learned a few tricks to handle that “fight-or-flight” feeling a lot better than we did in math class. I’m willing to bet that for many of us reading this, social confidence has been one of our new “rites of passage,” and the reason for many of those anxious-filled stories. Able-bodied or not, stress and anxiety can throw you off your game at school, at work, and definitely when it comes to dating and relationships.

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From Sleepy to Sexy How to Keep it HotOne thing that sex, love and dating have in common is doubt. We’re all wondering if we’re doing it right, or how we can make it better. On today’s show, Emily is back on the hotline, taking your calls to help you go from confused to confident. Her insight brings sanity to your most complex questions.

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