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parody blog sex with emilyEveryone loves movies. The lights, the cameras, the action. But did you know that you can see your favorite blockbuster hits featuring a different kind of action? Porn parody action!

No matter what your favorite film is, there’s probably someone out there who made it into a porno. That’s just the way of the world! But what are the best porn parodies? Here’s a list of some of the best fuck films, for when you want to take your movie nights to the next level.  Continue Reading

movie blog sex with emilyThe Holidays are upon us! It’s a time of giving, receiving, and watching all the goddamn Holiday movies that you want. If you’re anything like me, you might need a little taste of holiday romance in your movie choices to heat up the cold December days. These movies are so romantic, they might inspire you to strike up some holiday romances of your own. So, let’s take a festive dive into the world of mistletoe and frozen kisses.

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october blog sex with emilySomething spooky this way comes—along with loads of sweet treats, sexy costumes and dazzlingly dark festivities to partake in. As prep time ticks down for the Halloween, why not also take a minute to relax and catch up on all the steamy happenings around us this October?

Sit back, let loose and pumpkin spice up your reading pleasure with this month’s rousing batch of sex in the news headlines!

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50 Shades of Gray MovieWhen you think about sex in the movies, it’s almost always flawless.

From perfectly timed one-liners to impeccably made-up bedroom faces, sex the movies looks all-around awesome.

Sometimes when it comes to accuracy, the big and silver screens miss the mark. But when they get it right, it feels so so good. 

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It’s no secret that a large majority of porn is created by men, for men. It was believed for so long (and still is) that women hated porn. The reality is– girls like porn, too. In fact, women love all kinds of porn! While the mainstream is perfect for some, for others, well… It’s just not what they’re looking for. Others want porn that’s a little more female friendly.

No, that doesn’t mean romantic, slow, and sensual depictions of sex (although it could). It means porn that shows respect for women and values their pleasure and participation equally to men.

For the lovely females of the world who are just trying to find some porn worth watching, you’ve come to the right place.

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