Finding Love In Spring

ddb31fd4488d13c7531dc7f74d00be92Spring: a time for rebirth and finding love. The sun is shining, the flowers are blooming, and you should be going at it like a bunny rabbit on its birthday..

If you’re not already wading through rainbows and riding unicorns through fantasyland, it’s time to break away from old habits that are breaking you down. Hibernation is over! Get out there and show everyone what you’ve got!

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How a Math Genius Hacked OKCupid and Found Love

Exciting news!

I’m moderating a live event in Los Angeles!

“How a Math Genius Hacked OKCupid and Found Love”

At this event, we will meet a mathmatician who was one of 40 million Americans looking for romance online.

Learn how he went from 90% incompatibility rate to over 20 messages a day! How he used bots to trick the system in a conversation moderated by me!

Hear Chris Mckinlay’s inspiring story of how he hacked OKCupid and found true love.

A hosted bar and light appetizers will be provided, so come hungry and thirsty!

Seats are limited, so RSVP today to reserve a seat.

Wednesday April 30th 6:30PM – 9PM


The Best Dating Advice You’ll Ever Get

The best dating advice does not involve using pick-up lines. If use a pickup line, you better use it ironically. You will get rejected instantly if you say, “did it hurt when you fell from heaven?” with a straight face.

Never take yourself too seriously. Being funny will take you a lot farther than being sexy and mysterious, unless you’re James Bond or something.

Here’s how to meet someone, approach them, and not scare them away on the first date.

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Yes. I’m Dating on

Dating on I give online dating advice everyday as a Sex and Relationship Expert, but I’ve never dated online myself. After getting so many emails from my fans sharing their success stories, I decided it was my turn to get lucky online.

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Nipple Pinching, Finger Sucking & Penis Rubbing

finger sucking I’m giving tips for changing up your sex life. I’m going to turn you into a finger sucking, nipple pinching, penis rubbing, sex machine. Or at least I’ll inspire you to do something other than missionary position with reruns of 7th Heaven playing in the background.


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6 Things America Did for the World of Sex

world of sex To celebrate America’s birthday, we made a list of America’s proudest contributions to the world of sex.

I’m not going to sit here sipping on my Coors and say that America invented doggie style. But we did invent the pill. 

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Online Dating Lies

online dating lies Emily explains how to navigate through all the online dating lies out there! If he seems too good to be true, he just might be. He’s probably not as rich, handsome, tall and dapper as his profile suggests. Here’s how to tell the online dating lies from the truth. Also, how to create your own amazing online profile without telling any online dating lies.


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Your Future Online Boyfriend

There are so many online dating sites that finding a site that fits your dating needs is similar to choosing a boyfriend. If you are looking for someone with a particular background and religion you might have an easier time selecting a site. It gets a little bit trickier with the more general websites like eHarmony and To make your search a little easier I reduced complex websites into oversimplified and somewhat cruel caricatures of themselves. Perhaps you’ll see the silver lining in one of these made-up mates…

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SWE – Sexual Napalm

Ready to set the sheets ablaze with your lovemaking? According to John Mayer, Jessica Simpson’s the lady to ask for tips. But until you actually meet her and pop the question, today’s show should get you there with a guide to better french kissing and tips for how to lighten the mood before sex.


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Join Me for a Beer on the Roof

I started online dating as a joke. Alright I was somewhat serious about it. I spent hours on my profile answering questions just so. I drink, but only socially of course. I’m really good at hula-hooping and the first thing people usually notice about me is the giant gyrating hoop around my waist. Never be too serious and never admit too much.  Message me if you’re looking to join me on the roof for a beer.

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