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orgasm obsessed

thumbIf I have said once, I have said it a million times: We are a society obsessed with orgasms. And yet, I can’t remember the last porno I watched that actually captured the magic and ecstasy of an orgasm, without a quick cut to the ever-popular, close-up “money shot”. In truth, the orgasm is the main event of any sexual act; it’s what we’re there for in the first place! So why isn’t there porn out there that does the Big O justice? Well, thanks to a group of open-minded Australians, that experience can be captured and viewed in the same fashion as any other XXX online feature.

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orgasm obsessed

Almost everyone is orgasm obsessed. But it’s hard to enjoy everything else when all you’re thinking about is getting to that wonderful feeling at the end. It’s all about the journey.

Stop being so orgasm obsessed! Calm down, slow down and listen to these tips on how to enjoy sex more and yes, have orgasms. Continue Reading