Sex in the News: Kosher Sex Toys, Sex Trackers & Porn Stars in Space

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This week we’ve got a lot of firsts: the first sex-tracking Apple technology, the first cock ring that cares about your sex life, the first mainstream crossover between Orthodoxy and sex toys, and the first porno ever to be filmed in outer space! Get geared up and find out what happened this week in Sex in the News..

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Porn Hub: Calling All Creative Porn Enthusiasts

UntitledIn case you don’t already know (c’mon…), PornHub is the premier online destination for adult entertainment. Recently, the hugely popular website released an exciting call to its oh so loyal fans. PornHub is challenging you to be their new creative director!

The brilliant minds at PornHub asked for high-quality designs that while being G-rated and “safe for work,” were also exciting, thought-provoking and entertaining. These ideas are intended to be featured on TV, online videos, magazines, billboards, and more. The contest received over 3,000 submissions which have been narrowed down to the top 15.

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