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tickle blog sex with emilyRemember those wholesome tickle fights you had at sleepovers? It all might sound like wholesome fun to some of us, but to others…it’s sexy as hell.

It’s well known that us horndogs can make ANYTHING into a fetish: feet, bees, falling down the stairs. You name it, and someone finds it sexy. Which leads me to our latest fetish spotlight: tickling.

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cuckoldry blog sex with emilyAhhh….the “cuck.”  A derogatory term for some; a sexy, fun, and perhaps even loving label for others.

Coloquially, a “cuck” is an emasculating word for someone who is desperate for the approval of their partner. In fetish speak, being a “cuck” references a specific type of kink that’s sexually exciting and fulfilling for everyone involved!

Let’s rewire the way we think about cuckolding, and break down the details of this popular fetish. Continue Reading

Screen Shot 2015-10-22 at 1.54.29 PMTo prepare for your sensual BDSM experience, create erotic energy by setting the mood for getting intimate and feeling safe. Gentle and passionate kisses set the stage for trust and connection, which is very important. Adding ambiance with music, candlelight, feathers, finger foods and drinks to heighten all of the senses can enhance the mood for sensuality. Continue Reading