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Photo by Wyron A on Unsplash

So many of us struggle to prioritize self care, let alone self love. 

It’s pretty quick to drop to the bottom of the to-do list for most people. 

Whether it’s because of a busy life, juggling parenting with being a human, perhaps schooling, work, you name it, we have an excuse for prioritizing everyone and everything but ourselves.

So how do we find the balance, and what even is self-care, really?

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Seduction; not to be confused with manipulation or grotesquely flaunting your sexuality as a means to an end. No – think of seduction as a lifestyle skill. A spice to add to your routine, flavor up your day, and perpetuate your own enjoyment! We all are capable of honing this skill, and yet it is often forgotten, or looked at in a less than positive light.

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Facetune (1)On today’s show, Emily welcomes guest erotic photographer, director and host of Playboy TV’s “Adult Film School,” Holly Randall. Along with Menace, the two talk sex tapes, selfies, and self-confidence on this Sex With Emily podcast.

What’s your wildest fantasy? Ever thought of filming it? Holly takes us on her journey to becoming an erotic filmmaker, starting in photography, and teaching herself (and countless couples) how to make hot movies. Get clued in on how home-made erotica can improve your relationship and your confidence, plus hear what fantasies are most popular, and which ones turn Emily, Menace and Holly on.

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