Calling All Filmmakers: Pornotopia Wants Your Homemade Movies, the More Diverse the Better

pornsign_0Now through the end of June, you- yes you, can submit your homemade porn films to be shown at this year’s Pornotopia Film Festival.

“All interested filmmakers can submit their content via Pornotopia through June 30th for a chance to be featured in the Pornotopia Film Festival that will be held from November 14th-16th at The Guild Cinema in Albuquerque, New Mexico” says XBIZ.

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Study Finds That Beer Googles Are an Actual Thing

drunk beer gogglesRecently, researchers from the University of Bristol found in a study that booze really does make you find people more attractive than you would if you were sober. Yes, beer goggles are real— even though most of us have already learned this the hard way.

“Beer goggles,” or “the phenomenon in which one’s consumption of alcohol makes physically unattractive persons appear beautiful.”

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How the Greatest Condom in 400 Years Could Save the Porn Industry

condoms-Getty-images-e1390168119276As of last week, AB 1576, a bill that will make condom use mandatory on all adult productions in California, passed in the California Assembly. The bare minimum of votes needed to approve a bill is 41 and in this case a 45-14 vote was cast moving AB 1576 to the State Senate for further action.

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