America, home of the Brave, the Kinky & the Scandalous: Facts You (Didn’t) Need to Know

31043_32_23_nsHappy Birthday America!! Not only is America home of the free, it’s also home to millions of people that are having tons of sex. For hundreds of years Americans have been coming up with more laws, controversies, practices and habits to do with sex than one could ever possibly fit into a single blog. So, in honor of our Nation’s history, and diverse sexual past (and present), I’ve collected some interesting, bizarre, distressing and hilarious facts, statistics, stories and rumors all about the United States’ sexual history.

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Political Perverts

Politics aren’t exactly sexy. They’re messy, full of secrets, and can get you insanely heated in a matter of seconds. Okay, so politics do seem to possess certain attributes that many of us can relate to in the bedroom and in our intimate lives. Many male politicians make it their sworn duties to preserve the ‘moral integrity’ of our country, but commonly find themselves pelvis-deep in sticky and often time salacious sex scandals.

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