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Seeing someone you care about in pain is never easy, and while you want to help them, you might not always feel sure how to be a good support person.

Even the most well-meaning people can make some accidental blunders as allies, which can be very painful for everyone.

Learn how to navigate these waters with grace and compassion. 

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r960-s_ba4fc1735a08cf28e94369b1693e791cOn June 3rd, a rape victim shared the harrowing story of her assault in an open letter to her rapist. In her statement, she revealed details of her treatment following the vicious attack, the additional trauma she experienced during the trial and her utter dismay at the judge’s light sentencing—The attacker was convicted of 3 felonies, but was only sentenced to a mere 6 months in a county jail.

This horrifying event brought many issues to light: The harmful effects of privilege in our justice system, the shameful treatment of assault victims and the ever-growing epidemic of sexual violence on college campuses.  Continue Reading

Did you hear that April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month? We want to make sure this is a cause that’s known. Sexual assault is a constant and terrible issue. What has surged up most recently is the spotlight on “rape culture”, and we here at Sex With Emily full-heartedly agree with the attention towards this issue. Rape culture is alive in our society. Sexual Assault Awareness is not about simply preventing what we have classically defined as “sexual assault”, it is about redefining what sexual assault actually is… Continue Reading