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green flags blog sex with emilyWe all hear about red flags when it comes to dating, but what about green flags?

It’s certainly necessary to learn early warning signs to identify a toxic or abusive partner. But don’t get so caught up in looking for red flags that you don’t notice the green ones.

Today, I’m covering the top 4 signs that suggest you just might have a lovely healthy potential partnership on your hands. 

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bad patterns blog sex with emily

Most of us have a relationships that we wish we could just forget about.

Some of us have a few lost loves under our belts.

If you’re anything like me you have an entire luxury-sized walk-in closet filled to the brim with skeletons of romantic connections that you’ve managed to murder to death. 

These are some bad dating patterns that if you’re lucky, you can manage to avoid completely!

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Most people believe in the idea of soulmates. That one person who’s not only our best friend, but our favorite person to get jiggy with. What happens if sex with The One isn’t good anymore? Or, worse yet, it never was? Does that mean we weren’t actually meant to be? According to a recent study, no, not at all! In fact, the study suggests it’s this idea of sexual soulmates and sexual destiny that’s unhealthy. That it could be the actual reason your sex life is suffering.

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