Better Oral Sex Techniques

Porn fills many voids in a guy’s life. Tuesday nights, for example. But you don’t really learn much from porn – apart from that you are woefully physically inadequate as a man, and at that age 29, women become considered “mature” and are relentlessly preyed upon  upon by Milf Hunters. Plus, you’re watching two people acting, and with fairly uninspired cinematography at that. On the other hand, you can read as many Men’s Health guides to “making her hypothalamus explode with pleasure” as you want, but ultimately their tips are as abstract as the generic male brains they write for. Without a demonstration, these articles are simply rote memorization of instructions. What we need is educational porn; Porn with a Purpose…

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Sex Tips From Yogi’s

I recently stopped by Sinclair Institute’s studios in Burbank to check out how the company puts together its erotic educational videos. While there, I spoke to Rebecca and David, a hot couple who have gone from teaching yoga to teaching sex. They told me some of the ways they keep their love life as flexible and healthy as they are. Watch the video here or below.

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