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Skype Sex

It’s no surprise that the Internet isn’t only used for obtaining information. At one point or another we all find ourselves guilty of investigating various forms of voyeurism, fetish exploration, and interactive “home movies.” Since the dawn of the World Wide Web the porn industry has struggled to keep up with excessive illegal downloads and bored consumers who need a quick fix. However, online video messengers such as Skype offer users an exciting option to generate their own video fantasies.

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Emily shares her secret for successful relationships & marriage– spend time apart. She supports marriages where couples have healthy communication, tell each other what they want in bed, and travel to remote areas of the globe… separately.

Emily breaks down Skype Sex and e-humping etiquette. How to direct a Skype scene and act in it as well. Emily and Menace discuss the top fantasies for men and women and the likelihood they will actually come true.

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