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growing blog sex with emilySo, you’ve been with your significant other for a while: congratulations! You went through the early jitters, the butterflies, the heart eyes emojis. And now? You’ve hit the part of the relationship that’s just like everyday life: a little stagnant and at times boring.

Every honeymoon phase comes to an end, and finding ways to navigate the relationship through the years is where the real work takes place. Relationships are like house plants: you have to care for them everyday, or one morning you’ll wake up to the withered remains of a hanging plant you really loved, thinking “wow, it really came to this.” Here’s some tips and tools to stay growing in your relationship, and not plateauing!

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IRL blog sex with emilyIn 2019, the idea meeting your special someone IRL, and *not* on an app can feel more outdated than flip phones and plastic straws.

Of course, falling in love in old fashion way isn’t just possible, it’s easier than you may realize. And whether you’re totally #over the apps or just want to get better at meeting people IRL, these tips will have you off your phone and in the zone.

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