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“The One”

Although finding the “the one” might seem like an outdated aspiration for the modern woman, the idea of soulmates is perhaps more pervasive than ever.

Our grandparents and even many of our parents married young because of financial necessity. Women needed men to leave their home and begin their adult lives. Finding love was a no-nonsense task with a deadline. If you couldn’t find your soulmate at their senior prom you settled for a benefactor garnished with a penis. Continue Reading

On last night’s episode of Miss Advised my fifth grade crush David comes to visit me. I talk about my views on monogamy, when to sleep with someone, and whether “the one” truly exists. Here’s an excerpt from my blog How Soon Is Too Soon? “Do you believe in the one?” I believe there are many “ones.” People come into our lives for different reasons. They can teach us lessons about ourselves and our world if we choose to pay attention. Some of those people are in for a lifetime and others for a few days. 

SWE- The One

Emily explores the notion of ‘the one” and if it really exists. Emily thinks that there isn’t one, but a few. People come into your life for different reasons and fulfill different desires and purposes. However, the idea that there is one person out there, who will complete you and make everything better, is perhaps more pervasive than ever.