Sexy Holiday Travel Tips

With Our Tips You’ll Feel This Sexy

Merry X-Mas, Kwanzaa and Happy New Year!  A belated “Chanuka Sameach” to the tribe members.  Not matter what holiday(s) you celebrate, most of you are probably traveling around this time.  Sex With Emily only wants fun and pleasure  for you during Winter vacation.   Here are some tips to guarantee ecstasy and calorie-burning so that the gingerbread, fruitcake, and egg nog can be worked off

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Sexy Thanksgiving Travel Tips

Happy Turkey Day (or not so happy)!

The Thanksgiving holiday is one of busiest travel times of the year, notorious for transportation delays and traffic.   Screw that, Sex With Emily just wants you to enjoy fun and pleasure.   Here are some tips to guarantee ecstasy and calorie-burning to balance out the Thanksgiving Day meal:

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Labor Day Laid Over

So, it’s the end of the summer, body tanned and hair is bleached. It’s time to flaunt and use it before drab winter layering comes into play.  Bbq, beers and frozen daiquiris won’t show up on the figure until after the weekend and everyone is just hotter and hornier for the last summer vacation of the year.

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