handcuffs for kink play
5 Easy Steps to Start Exploring Kink with a Partner

What does kink look like? Well, it depend on who you ask. Here’s how to start exploring kink with a partner–in 4 easy steps.

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Best Of: Stop, Drop & Cuckold

I share tips to bring up your fantasy with your partner, why people enjoy cuckolding, and what to consider before you dive into your next sexual fantasy.

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Ask Emily: How to Orgasm During Missionary

Missionary is known for being the most “vanilla” or boring of sex positions, but don’t let that reputation fool you.

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Sexually Confident w/ Serena Kerrigan

I talk with the Queen of Confidence about what she has learned from going on over 50 online dates during quarantine and her passion for masturbation.

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Ask Emily: Why Does My Partner Want to Watch Me Masturbate?

Has your partner ever asked you to touch yourself in front of them? Trust, this is super common and super hot.

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Porn & Pleasure w/ Jacky St James & Ana Foxxx

Ever wonder what happens behind the scenes of your favorite porn? I ask adult filmakers what it’s like being on set & what constitutes ‘ethical porn.’

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Hotline Calls: Ghosting, Orgasms & Open Relationships

I answer your questions about what it means when you fantasize about your ex, how soon to start dating after a breakup, and ways to avoid ghosting.

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10 Tips to Revive a Stale Sex Life

Nothing in life lasts forever, and sometimes that includes mind-blowing, life-changing sex. We’re not saying that… Read more »

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Best Of: What to Expect When You’re Expecting a Threesome

In today’s Best Of episode, I’m talking about threesomes, why they can be hot, the importance of aftercare, and ground rules for making a threesome work.

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Squirting Secrets w/ Deborah Sundahl

Squirting expert Deborah Sundahl and I dive into where the g-spot is located, how to find it, and how to build up to a deep and satisfying internal orgasm.

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