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Alex Anderson

Illustrated by Anna Sudit

When thinking back on grade school’s past, sex education is not the most glamorous times that come to mind. Awkward anatomical diagrams, 30-year-old animations, crossword puzzles filled with vocabulary words like “wet dream” and “fallopian tube”…

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Though middle school is often crowned the most awkward phase of our social lives as we come to know them, college is arguably a close (if not Lauren B-style Bachelor snatching) second.

As if trying to spread your wings in new environments isn’t enough, navigating the tricky waters of self-discovery in young adulthood gets that much more complicated as sex and dating begin taking the main stage.

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Which came first: the chicken or the egg?

Most of us can agree it’s pretty hard to decide, but when it comes to sex and relationships we can find ourselves asking the very same question. Or a variation of it, anyway.

In the sometimes testy trials of sexpectation versus reality, it goes without saying there are countless factors at play.


From comfort and connection to chemistry and more, each of these elements pour into the grand-ultimate component of all— satisfaction.

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