Best Places to Meet Someone

best places to meet someoneEmily shares the best places to meet someone, because sometimes it feels like there’s no one to meet anywhere.

If you want to meet someone, get ready to drink a lot of coffee, get sweaty, and climb a mountain! You will be rewarded with lots of sex (hopefully).

Emily also gives relationship advice with Dossie Easton, author of the Ethical Slut. People jump from one relationship to the next, without giving themselves time to grieve the person they broke up with. How long should you let yourself cry over your ex before moving on?

If you’re single and dying to be in a relationship, what’s blocking you from getting in one? Where are the best places to meet someone you can connect with?

If you’ve been married for a long time,  how do you get your sex life back? You need to make room for pleasure and fun in your life. It’s as if people don’t even think they deserve to feel good. But you do!

Write down the best sex you and your partner have ever had with each other (NOT to be confused with the best sex you’ve had with your ex). What made it so good? Talk about it, because talking about sex is kind of awesome. Tell your partner your fantasies. Don’t worry, fantasies tend to be pretty juvenile. Your fantasy probably isn’t as sophisticated, unique, or clever as you want it to be. As much as you hate to admit it, you’re  an animal!

Remember, the two hardest things to talk about in your relationship are probably sex and money. But intimacy is based on shared vulnerability. Start communicating so you can get what you want from your relationship.

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Enjoy, Best Places to Meet Someone!


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  1. Greg Mucha says:

    My experience: 1 week grieving for every month of involvement. So 3 weeks after the 90 day wonder. Inside the first year, there have been 4 turning points where I have had to reevaluate whether the grieving process is worth the relationship that I have at that moment.

    Then it’s going to be fun and frolic until the 7 year itch kicks in. And it does seem to happen. If you get through it, it’s probably a lifer. Crash and burn — get ready for some serious grieving and, perhaps, multiple rebound relationships where it is CRUCIAL that the person I am using to stem the bleeding knows, up front, that I’m in no position to know where my personality is going to stabilize. Grief and relationships have always changed me in some way. Sometimes huge, sometimes minor. I still have pet sayings I picked up during my relationships, for example, that I still use from time to time. When I use them, I always remember the good stuff from before.

    First the self, then the possibility of healthy intimacy. My relationship with myself determines the relationship(s) I will have with others.

    Connection is so important.

    • Emily says:

      Greg! Very well put, “my relationship with myself determines the relationship(s) I will have with others. So true. Thanks for your input.

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