Just in time for Valentine’s Day, our February Sex-o-Scope is here. Harness the energy of the full moon to bring more pleasure and positivity into your life this month. This Full Moon will be in Virgo, which relates to our sense of clarity and order, bringing some much needed stable grounded energy.

Everyone will be feeling the urge to bring more order and organization into their lives, and it’s not just all the Marie Kondo you’ve been watching. We want to bring this perspective to our emotions, and this can be achieved through therapy, coaching, meditation, journaling, and reflective walks and baths. Now that we have some plans in place for our personal lives, let’s dive into the sexy stuff!

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Change Up Your Sex Location

Sex can get stale in long-term relationships, so switch up the way you have sex, as well as WHERE you’re having it. Hey, any furniture can be sex furniture.

We all want to feel loved and appreciated, and we want our partners to feel the same way. While we do our best to show our adoration and affection for our partners, a lot more gets lost in translation than we often realize.  Sometimes a couple just can’t feel the love, and it’s not for a lack of loving expressions and romantic gestures – it’s simply a language barrier.

It’s so important to learn how our partners receive our love, and vis versa. For so many couples that get into daily squabbles, it can be as simple (and as complicated) as speaking different languages. Not sure what your love language is? Take the quiz now at www.5lovelanguages.com with your partner, and have a fun brainstorming session to work out some different ways you can each express and receive love more easily.

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Emily Subscription Box

Getting the perfect gift isn’t always easy. That’s why Emily’s curated her own subscription box from Unbound to do the work for you! And it helps out in the bedroom, too.

Making a Sexy Meal at Home

Instead of going out to an overcrowded, overpriced restaurant, make a sexy picnic at home. When things get hot and heavy, the bedroom will only be a few steps away.

Having Slow, Sensual Sex

Instead of rushing through sex, challenge yourself to slow down, look into each other’s eyes, and breathe deep – it’s reallllyyy hot.

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