Manscaping — Dos and Don’ts

manscaping Manscaping is perhaps the most underrated beauty ritual and No Shave November is coming to a close. While women are told over and over again to have hairless bodies, most men traipse around like hairy beasts.

A man might say his hair makes him masculine and rugged. Don’t get me wrong, I want to pet Jon Hamm’s chest hair all night, but a lot of women aren’t into hairy balls.

I’m not saying you should shave yourself bare or shave an arrow leading to your penis (please don’t), but I recommend spending time taming the mane and manscaping.

Enjoy my video podcast about male grooming!


Manscaping — Dos and Don’ts

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In the show I interview Anthony Sosnick,Founder and CEO of Anthony Brands, on the best manscaping techniques, from trimming to shaving.


What horrible thoughts to men think of to stop them from premature ejaculating?

Will letting a woman paint your toenails help you get lucky?


Maybe if you paint her toenails…

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  1. Paul says:

    I shave monthly and this is the best after shave balm in the world but i live in Vancouver, Canada and benzocaine is outlawed. I use it anywhere i shave and has also stopped rashes on other parts of my body.

    Emily, great story between the both of you. I love listening to you and your show.

    I would like to share my sex position of the month. This is where I would sit upright with legs forward and have her sit in between my legs with her back towards my chest. Right hand down IN her or above her clitoris. Left hand on her either breast or gently around her neck or chest. Lastly, my mouth kissing, necking, nibbling and slowwwwlly bite gently and release. Damn, drives my partner to complete submission.

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