This week, I’m talking spanking, sexual confidence, and swingers with award winning adult entertainer Chanel Preston. This is Chanel’s second appearance on my podcast, you can listen to her first visit here, and this time we’re exploring Naked with Chanel, her new sex education based web series. Continue Reading


astopab1576Masturbation Month is here, the birds are chirping, and porn sets everywhere might be stocking up on condoms to prepare for this week’s passage of AB 1576 through the California Appropriations Committee.

Haven’t heard of AB 1576?

It’s the bill that mandates condom use on all adult production’s shot in California. Continue Reading

UntitledIn case you don’t already know (c’mon…), PornHub is the premier online destination for adult entertainment. Recently, the hugely popular website released an exciting call to its oh so loyal fans. PornHub is challenging you to be their new creative director!

The brilliant minds at PornHub asked for high-quality designs that while being G-rated and “safe for work,” were also exciting, thought-provoking and entertaining. These ideas are intended to be featured on TV, online videos, magazines, billboards, and more. The contest received over 3,000 submissions which have been narrowed down to the top 15. Continue Reading

625e50c93a882051354e5d5f05479132I know, I know, you’ve heard me talk about vibrators for years. Today I’m sharing the sex accessories you must add to your collection. Only if you want even better sex of course. And who doesn’t?


There are so many different toys that you can try to enhance the pleasure you already experience. The best part: you can use these alone or with your partner to add a little bit of extra fun to your sex life!

Time to think outside your sex box. Here we go! Continue Reading

smokeA Fort Lauderdale woman is behind bars after a weekend arrest in Palm Beach, where she was accused by police of hiding a bag of marijuana in her private parts. The 25 year old woman was arrested by Palm Beach police for an outstanding warrant but she also  faces one charge of pot possession after the strange find. Told after her arrest that any contraband she took into the Palm Beach County Jail would result in felony charge, Johnston admitted she had stashed a bag of weed in her vagina. After being transported to the Palm Beach Police Department, the woman allegedly removed a clear baggie containing 2.6 grams of marijuana from between her legs. The woman faces charges of possession of marijuana and failure to appear.

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