This episode is about why people cheat and the best Valentine’s Day Gifts to buy her. (Heck, if you’re single, I’m talking about the best gifts to buy yourself.)

There are many theories about why people cheat, including fear of intimacy, unfulfilled desires in a relationship, and the need for validation from others. Some people think they can get away with it and have no intention of sleeping with one person, no matter what they committed to their partner. Ultimately, a lot of people cheat because they’re afraid, weak, or simply do not possess the skills to confront their partner about problems in the relationship. Continue Reading


Mia Isabella is a transexual porn star with a lot of great sex advice. She’s known as the “Cutest Little TS Chick with the Biggest Candy Stick.” How big is Mia Isabella’s Candy Stick? 10-inches long. Mia Isabella is a transexual that dates straight men. Most people are under the misconception that only gay men date transexuals. Mia Isabella does not define her sexuality in such narrow terms.  She answers questions on the show about her sexual identity, dating, and of course- sex. Continue Reading



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Everyone has been asking me about threesomes. What rules should you follow to have a successful threesome, and how do you even have one in the first place? What divine intervention needs to take place to end up with two hotties in your bed?

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Penis Size

penis size

penis size85% of men are under the misconception that the population’s penis size is larger than it actually is. An average erect penis is 5.5- 6.2 inches. No matter what penis size you’re packing, you can find sex positions that work with your willy. I’ll tell you what to do with a small, medium, bendy, large, or gargantuan penis. Continue Reading


The Male G-spot

Male G-spot

Male G-spotThe male G-spot is the prostate. Yes, men have a G-spot too and it’s in their butt. The time has come to leave your fears behind, and go on an adventure through the backdoor.

My guest Charlie Glickman, author of The Ultimate Guide to Prostate Pleasure: Erotic Exploration for Men and Their Partners, explains how to pleasure the prostate, from finding it to stimulating techniques. Continue Reading


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