We’ve all been placed in the dreaded “Friend Zone” but consider this your last time. This weeks show is about how to get out of the Friend Zone, because let’s face it, you’d rather be lovers than BFF’s. Emily and Menace give tips about how to create distance, confidence and how to let her or him know that it’s a date not a hang out. Menace talks about his time spent in the friend zone and how he got out of it. Continue Reading


Making-OutMaking out isn’t just about locking lips while he fumbles to unhook her bra. Think outside the bra with some licking, nibbling, and biting. Good foreplay is all about hitting your partner’s erogenous zones, and not just the obvious ones. Don’t worry, you’ll get to the P and V eventually, but starting with a shoulder nibble and a lip bite can make the end game that much more satisfying. Here are four things you should do with your sexy self while making out.  Continue Reading

Emily’s been spotted on the popular Tinder dating app. The app is all the rage as you swipe left of right to “like” or “reject” a prospect. If they like you too, it’s a match. Some call it ‘the hook up’ app and yet others have found true love. Too busy with work, yet always with her iPhone Emily joins the app and brings in her Tinder date to the studio for the first live date ever during the podcast. Continue Reading


Menace is Back! Emily and Menace are back together in the studio and happy to be in Los Angeles. Emily answers listener emails including questions regarding mismatched libidos – what to do when your partner wants more sex than you, a man who has trouble with older women, and trying to speed up the pace of a relationship- good or bad idea? Tinder is the dating app (some say it’s a hook-up app) and Emily has been spotted on it! Continue Reading

Some of our favorite positions are all about thrusting. Some are more subtle and are about what’s happening inside. Sexercise helps you get the strongest explosions from the still, slow and most sensual of positions.
Continue Reading

Some people consider the G-spot the holy grail of female sexual pleasure, while others question its very existence. Scientists declared in 2011 that the G-spot is an extension of the clitoris and completely made up. All I know is that little bunch of nerve endings can provide a whole lot of pleasure, if you know how to find and pleasure it. Continue Reading

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