Her Orgasm

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Most men: “Oh my god I’m the greatest lover in the world!” Most women: “I faked another orgasm.”  Men are clueless about female pleasure and women are not communicating their dissatisfaction. Tantric Master Lawrence Lanoff and Emily break down myths about female pleasure… Continue Reading


Valentine’s Day is known for roses, chocolates, crowded italian restaurants, and in-your-face romance. Don’t allow the cliches of Valentine’s Day keep you from having a memorable evening with your lover. Here are 5 unconventional date ideas to celebrate love that don’t require violins playing in the background.

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A show on why it’s great to be in a relationship or single on Valentine’s Day. It’s a perfect night to go out and meet someone, or stay in and have sex with someone you love. In case you’re wondering, you definitely count as someone you love. Self-love is one of the most rewarding things in the world. Masturbate your night away!  Continue Reading


5 Sex Positions With Valentine’s Day approaching, what better way to prep for a steamy romantic night then by learning some new moves to woo your sweetheart? We all have our go-to positions that are tried-and-true, but some modifications to your favorites can give Valentine’s Day the spice it deserves.   Continue Reading

Allie HazeAllie Haze is the coolest, most down-to-earth girl ever, and she’s also a really hot bisexual porn star! Allie Haze gets into the G-spot and how you need to get over your fear of peeing during sex. Plus, if you have a killer orgasm, who cares what happens? Allie Haze talks about squirting, outrageous, messy sex. “Your body makes the most hilarious noises when you’re doing it right,” Allie says. Continue Reading


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