Let’s play a little Valentine’s Day fantasy game, shall we? Don’t worry; this will be super easy and fun.

Here’s how to play: Relax your body… take a deep, deep inhale… let it all out with a sigh. Take a few more breaths until you feel yourself getting languid and relaxed. Now start to imagine your ultimate Valentine’s Day date.

Let’s fast-forward through the dinner and champagne, eating too much candy or hiding your disappointment that someone forgot you don’t actually like red roses. Instead, focus on all the ways your lover makes you feel. Picture your bodies entwined, kissing, maybe playing a little rough before lightly brushing your fingertips over their body. Now hold on to this thought—no, hold on to this feeling—because this is how you plan the ultimate Valentine’s Day. Continue Reading

Although Valentine’s Day is commonly known for decked-out dates and ritzy gifts, none of these elements are actually essential to having a truly bang-up, sexy time!

From home cooked dinners to blanket forts, don’t let clichés and hefty investments stand in the way of a fun celebration with your boo. Consider these eclectic date night ideas and special gifts for Valentine’s Day.


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Trying Out Role Play

How do you get the variety of sleeping with a whole new person that doesn’t involve cheating on your current partner? Role play, of course! You can get super into it with outfits, or just use that sexy imagination of yours.

Sexy DIY Gifts

Instead of the traditional flowers and chocolate, show your partner how much you really care with some DIY gifts! It can be as easy as writing love notes on post-its in a heart shape on the bathroom mirror.

Give a Sensual Massage

A massage might sound cliché, but it’s one of the best ways to relax your partner. Set the mood, get some massage candles, maybe some massage rings, and know that a hot night is in your future.

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