are you sexually intelligentOn this podcast, Emily welcomes guest and fellow sexologist Amy Jo Goddard to talk about her new book Woman On Fire: 9 Elements to Wake Up Your Erotic Energy, Personal Power & Sexual Intelligence. Together, they delve deep into the concepts of sexual desire, empowerment and of course, share a few expert sex tips! Continue Reading


fighting the good fightDid you know that today is National Women & Girls HIV/AIDS Awareness Day? For 11 years, we have taken time on March 10th to empower young women to make the healthiest choices when it comes to sex, and educate them on the impact of HIV/AIDS on women everywhere. This year’s theme, “The Best Defense is a Good Offense” stresses the importance of practicing safe sex, getting tested with your sexual partners and abstaining from risky sex activities.

Prevention is key in helping to build future HIV and AIDS-free generations, but what is being done NOW to help those already exposed to the virus?

This article, originally posted on, provides insight on the organizations that are fighting the good fight against HIV/AIDS every single day… Continue Reading

get your girl power onHappy International Women’s Day!

Starting back in 1909, International Women’s Day originated as a way to honor the movement for women’s right. It is observed in many countries around the world. Although the focus of the day differs from region to region, the overall goal is the same: to celebrate women in all their achievements, whether they be economic, social, political or even, you guessed it, sexual. Continue Reading

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