As you may have figured out by now, we get a lot of interesting packages delivered to our office. Whether it’s a carton of SKYN condoms, a load of lubricant or a 3 foot tall plush doll that says “Emily you’re the whole package” when you press his belly (yes, that actually happened), we’re always excited to find out “what’s in the box”. So, when an extra large delivery arrived from Sportsheets, our favorite bondage company, we just HAD to capture the moment.

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5bf5bf72b4f7fc13b54e2f70656564f0Hopefully, you enjoyed ‘Taking the Freak Out of Freaky Sex’ as much as we did last month. Exploring your sexuality and knowing what you like in the bedroom is extremely important for intimacy and sex. Several of our listeners and staff discovered that they do enjoy different kinks and fetishes. They asked how to be safe about their kinks, the best ways to get into bondage,  and so much more. What was our most popular question, though? The inbox was flooded with all things fantasy; how to get into them and how to pursue them in the bedroom. Continue Reading

better men sexNot all sex is created equal.  There are those nights of sweet relief after six minutes of rolling around before returning to your Amazon Prime, and that’s fine. We won’t disparage what may seem like routine lovemaking, because at least you’re still doing it. Sometimes a basic quickie is the perfect thing – like in the morning, when her hair’s a mess and your breath is stank but you just go at it doggie style before work or the farmer’s market. And that’s nice too.

But then there are those other times…

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Dear Emily,

My partner is away for nine months for his career. We talk on the phone and Skype regularly, but the lack of physical connection has been really difficult so far. It has only been a month, and I’m already bored with masturbating. I don’t know how I’m going to make it! Do you have any suggestions for maintaining intimacy while in a temporary long-distance relationship?



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