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consensual non-monogamy

kinky sex with emily blogHave you ever wondered how to explore some of the kinky aspects of sex, but felt unsure how to broach it with your partner?

Perhaps your lover has told you they identify as “vanilla” (which simply means non-kinky), but you have some burning BDSM desires?

Don’t lose hope! On today’s blog, I’m going to show you how a kinky person can still get their needs met, even when their partner is vanilla. 

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cheating blog sex with emilyInfidelity isn’t a word that we want to say, hear, or think about.

However, the reality is that it does happen. Often. 

Monogamous relationships aren’t the only ones dealing with this puzzle either. All forms of consensually non-monogamous relationships face this challenge too. 

Which begs the questions, what counts as cheating? Furthermore, how can we avoid it?

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