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If fairy tales teach us anything, it’s that happy endings do exist. In the case of a happy ending coming in the form of an explosive orgasm, we can agree that this key theme in myth lore appears fairly often for many. How we set about in obtaining this ‘happy ending’ differs with each person and now…sexual orientation. Continue Reading

Now that Hurricane Sandy and daylight savings have passed, we enter the holiday season.  Couples need to save money for gift shopping and also be able to entertain one another in darker days and colder weather.  We want to provide some thrifty ways to spend time with your lover and  put some “oomph!” back into the relationship. Continue Reading

In last night’s episode of Miss Advised I went on a first date at a strip club. To be fair, I didn’t know he was taking me there. I blogged on the Bravo Official site about my strange date experience. Read my blog, Stripped. Here’s an excerpt: “I slapped some asses, gave away some dollar bills, finished my diet coke, and was ready to hightail it out of there.”