Your Top 5 Sex Questions, Answered

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When it comes to your most pressing sex issues, have you ever wondered: “ugh, is it just me?” I promise: it’s not just you! To prove it, I’m tackling your top five sex questions in this episode. From raising your libido to acing your oral, we cover a lot of ground in this one.
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How do you talk to your partner about sex? I teach you how to broach this conversation with compassion, and how to normalize sex talks in general. How about amping up your sex drive? There are hacks for that! Maybe you want to last longer in bed, get better at oral, or spice up your sex life. There’s a whole world of solutions for those, and I walk you through them. Whether it’s toys, technique, or just a good talk, this episode is all about finding answers, so you can have the pleasure you deserve.

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Show Notes:
System Jo Lubricants
Guide: Three Ts of Communication
Guide: Edging 
Yes No Maybe List
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Book: She Comes First
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