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Hi Emily,

I have recently started seeing a new man. And I have a terrible gag reflex. Like it’s honestly terrible. I gag every single time he goes too deep, and I don’t really love the taste of semen. Between the depth and worrying about the taste, I get so tense. All I want to do is finish the job without looking like an idiot. Is it all in my head, or is there a way to fix this issue?

Emma, 22, Indiana

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SWE – The Breasts

In support of National Breast Cancer month of October, Emily and Menace discuss ways that both women and men should not neglect the breasts.  For cancer prevention, women must self-check for lumps and get regular mammograms. Men should also focus on the breasts, in order to enhance women’s sexual pleasure. With Emily’s appropriate methods, perhaps a nipple orgasm can be achieved. Continue Reading