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2020 might not have been our sexiest year, but today’s episode will set you up for 12 months of sex-cess.  Let’s say goodbye to the year of breakups and endless “doomsterbating” and hello to courtship, communication, and more orgasms.  Hear my sex and love predictions for 2021 and a step-by-step guide to plan a happy new year and a healthier year ahead. I break down how to create intentions that will work all year long. I love answering as many of your questions as possible, so let me know what you think about our new Rapid Fire segment. Let’s ring in this new year with a bang. 
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growing blog sex with emilySo, you’ve been with your significant other for a while: congratulations! You went through the early jitters, the butterflies, the heart eyes emojis. And now? You’ve hit the part of the relationship that’s just like everyday life: a little stagnant and at times boring.

Every honeymoon phase comes to an end, and finding ways to navigate the relationship through the years is where the real work takes place. Relationships are like house plants: you have to care for them everyday, or one morning you’ll wake up to the withered remains of a hanging plant you really loved, thinking “wow, it really came to this.” Here’s some tips and tools to stay growing in your relationship, and not plateauing!

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In these busy modern times, we often feel inundated with health advice. While we all want to do what’s best for us, picking a wellness practice and sticking to it can be tricky.

As a listener of the podcast, you’ve probably heard Emily say “meditate, masturbate, manifest” more than once. I mean, she even put it on a vibrating necklace…pretty sexy stuff if you ask me. She’s passionate about those things for a reason; they are good for you! 

So today I’m going to be teaching you about what each means. I’ll also show you how they benefit your sex life, and some tips for how to make them into a consistent habit. Ready? Let’s dive in. 

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