Sexy Self Improvement

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Anything worth having takes time, whether that’s a better sex life, a deeper relationship, or an awesome relationship with your body. But staying consistent is hard: we get bored, we get rebellious, we want to cut corners. We’re human, after all! That’s why, if we want to meet goals – ANY goal – we have to create rituals. And the key to sticking with them? Identifying your “why.”

So on today’s Best Of show, I’m talking to Max Lugavere, host of The Genius Life podcast, and Jennifer Cohen, host of Habits and Hustle, to give us the lowdown on sexy self improvement. Max gives me the scoop on food addiction (and its similarities to porn addiction), how daily sunlight improves our health, and how processed food short circuits our satiety signals. Jennifer tells me the three habits successful people all have in common, how to get your partner on-board for working out, and the correlation between exercise and sex drive. Get out your grocery lists and gratitude journals, because after this episode, you’ll be totally inspired to start small habits for big self-growth. 


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