Manscaping: A Hairy Situation

When it comes down to shaving down there you do it for one of two reasons– for yourself or for a significant other. I have done it for both. It mostly depends on if I’m sexually active and dating. When it comes to sex I don’t  really like to have a lot of hair on my butt, balls and pubic area. Shaving down there has been an on and off again routine for me  but overtime I’ve learned the process of operation for this hairy situation….

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Episode 331 – Rough Sex… And Rougher Sex!

Emily has a blind date and divulges about what she really does at night. Menace plans his dream wedding and Emily talks shotgun weddings.

Also, extreme manscaping and etiquette for rough sex, including but not limited to spanking, wrist holding, hair pulling, and biting.


Episode 317 – Manscaping

Emily talks with guest Anthony Sosnick, founder of Anthony Logistics for Men, about grooming essentials and practices. The best products to manscape your body and how to tell your partner to groom. Emily and Menace discuss the extreme confessions made at Treasure Island Music Festival and Menace explains why he strongly dislikes drunk white girls.


Episode 309 – Hot Sex

Emily’s and her co-author Jamye Waxman talk about their book Hot Sex: Over 200 Things You Can Try Tonight. Also, first masturbation experiences, how to touch breasts, taking it slow and if you really love someone do you swallow? Also, pubic hair trends and armpit hair, how to get more foreplay, the two most important things for anal sex, men who love the vagina verses men who don’t, threesome etiquette, and can you teach someone to be a better kisser?


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