Sex Toys For Men

Many men fear sex toys and view vibrators as a crutch for the sexually misfortunate. Men feel like they should be able to make a woman orgasm without any assistance. The stigma men assign sex toys limits the potential for female orgasm. It is difficult for women to get the clitoral stimulation they need during sex no matter how talented you and your penis are during sex.

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Dildos For Military Wives?

When it comes to supporting the troops, most settle for hoisting a flag, giving a half-sober thumbs up to someone in fatigues on Memorial Day, or watching portions of ‘Patton’ on AMC.
But the patriots at sex toy firm RealTouch have laid siege to bored, everyday expressions of gratitude by promising to bring the cutting edge of virtual sex to the homes of 1,000 military wives.

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Audioblog: The Tenga Egg Reviewed

Just in time for Easter, I’m giving you the best and most decadent thing to happen to eggs since Mr. Fabergé.

You’re probably asking, “Just what in the name of Japanese Novelty Sex Products is a Tenga Egg?” Well, from this image, they seem pretty innocuous…

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