Elevated Masturbation: Try a Stroker

Man in white underwear openly lies sunbathing in summer sun. His body and skin are brown with sweat in hot summer sunlight

If you’ve got a penis, this is an amazing time to get yourself a sex toy.

While marketed to women and people with vulvas for decades, here is the truth about sex toys: they are gender-neutral. Their purpose is to stimulate deep nerve endings in your body. Many of these nerve endings are so deep, they can’t be stimulated by penetrative sex or oral sex. Even your hand while masturbating! 

Enter…sex toys. 

If you’ve never used one before, you’re in for a real treat. I recommend starting with a stroker, a type of sex toy that takes what you’re probably already doing (masturbating with your hand), and gives it a little boost. Even if you’re an experienced toy user, today’s generation of pleasure tools is at an all-time high. 

Here are two low-lift ways you can make your masturbation more exciting, by adding a stroker to the mix. 

1.) Add texture 

Folks, your hands are smooth. Even if you’ve got the calloused fingers of a generational ranch hand, they are smooth compared to strokers. These babies are engineered by sex toy designers. They can and will find all your shaft’s hidden nerve endings.

How they work: once your penis is erect, insert it inside the stroker with your preferred amount of lube. Fits like a glove! But unlike gloves, these toys are made of body-safe materials like silicone, with textured bumps and ridges that make masturbation a lot more interesting.

Try: Ghost by Arcwave. It’s a two for one: as a reversible textured stroker, you can flip it for different sensations, and each side features different ridge patterns. When you’re done, just clean and dry. Easy! And the price can’t be beat. 

2.) Add suction

Well well well. Turns out you can simulate oral sex entirely on your own…with your hand. 

Manual strokers with a suction feature might become your new favorite thing. By applying pressure through suction, they light up pleasurable nerve endings in your shaft and glans (tip) of your penis. More than a hand alone can stimulate.

How they work: once your penis is erect, insert it inside the stroker with your preferred amount of lube. These toys usually have a hole at the end that you can cover and uncover with your finger/thumb to create suction. The hole acts as an air pressure release valve, intensifying pressure through suction. 

Try: Pow by Arcwave. (This is one of the brands making moves in sex toys for penis owners) It has a textured interior body, and from the outside looks pretty innocuous – almost like a Bluetooth speaker. It doesn’t have batteries or require charging; you just pick it up and use it. The suction comes from the hole at the end, leading to a super intense orgasm. 

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