12 Dating DOs & DON’Ts

Recently, Glamour Magazine asked me about my “Dating DOs & DON’Ts” – also featured are tips by Amy Laurent and Julia Allison from Miss Advised.  So tell me this, what are yours? Read my tips below.

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Video Podcast- Amy Laurent Guest Appearance

It was a Tuesday night slumber party  when professional matchmaker Amy Laurent, Emily’s co-star on Miss Advised, and Emily reunited to promote  Amy’s new book, 8 Weeks to Everlasting, A Guide to Getting (and Keeping) The Guy You Want.   The girls chatted like sisters discussing Amy’s dating and relationship guide and also re-hashed old Miss Advised episodes with Menace chiming in in the background as the younger (or, at least more immature) brother…

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Favorite Line & Lesson from Miss Advised – winners of Hot Sex Contest

In my final Bravo blog, Just Say Yes I promised five copies of my book Hot Sex: Over 200 Things You Can Try Tonight to fans who emailed me their favorite line or lesson from Miss Advised. Here are some personal favorites. They will receive Hot Sex tonight, or at least in the imminent future…




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Video Podcast – Erotic Suggestions

Emily and Menace debate ideas for reigniting the spark during National Romance Month. Emily likes many of the ideas, but Menace doesn’t see her fulfilling any of them. She also discusses the notorious “strange puss” comment made by her date David on the season finale of Miss Advised. A caller does some interesting delving into Menace’s love life and he makes her a proposition she can probably refuse. Other topics include: libido issues, ben wa balls, and sexy camping. Watch the video here 

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Official Bravo Blog: Just Say Yes

Let’s sum up eight weeks of good times, shall we? A recap: threesome proposals, first date couples acrobatics, modeling for a kissing workshop, hilarious make out with Menace, hot make out with David, strip clubbing on a first date, and let’s not forget awkward phone sex — we’ll always have that. Sigh. Read my Bravo blog about the finale of Miss Advised and all the life lessons I’ve learned this season– Just Say Yes.

The Morning After: Video clip from the Miss Advised finale

In the last episode of Miss Advised I wake up next to my date David in Napa. We roll out of bed and get some necessary cups of coffee and breakfast. David wants to know what I think about last night… To see the morning after watch the video here (or below). To find out what happened the night before watch the last episode of Miss Advised tomorrow at 10 pm.

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Official Bravo Blog: How Soon is too Soon?

On last night’s episode of Miss Advised my fifth grade crush David comes to visit me. I talk about my views on monogamy, when to sleep with someone, and whether “the one” truly exists. Here’s an excerpt from my blog How Soon Is Too Soon? “Do you believe in the one?” I believe there are many “ones.” People come into our lives for different reasons. They can teach us lessons about ourselves and our world if we choose to pay attention. Some of those people are in for a lifetime and others for a few days. 

Perfect Match?: Video clip from tonight’s Miss Advised

It’s Miss Advised Monday, starting at 10 pm on Bravo TV. Tonight’s episode features David, my crush from fifth grade. He comes for a visit and he and Menace get into a verbal cock fight. Good times. We also discuss the notion of “the one” and if it really exists. Can’t wait for tonight’s episode?  Good news. You can check out the video here

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What to Wear On A First Date

iVillage interviewed the women of  Miss Advised about what to wear on a first date. My advice?  Wear something comfortable that makes you feel sexy and confident. But how sexy is too sexy? How do you know what to wear and what should stay in your closet?  See tips below. 

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Watch What Happens Live: The After Show Clips

It was thrilling to appear on Watch What Happens Live Monday night with my Miss Advised costars Julia Allison and Amy Laurent. After the show I talk about my celebrity crush (um, Bill Clinton) and give viewers advice, including where to meet a real man. I also give Andy Cohen a C-Ring from Jimmyjane. “This isn’t for my finger I’m guessing” said Andy.  Watch two videos from after the show here (or below).

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