SWE – Why women should initiate sex

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A lot of women out there are intimidated by initiating sex, and even more men are tired of putting in the work. Thankfully, Emily’s here to explain how women can ask for it without asking for it, and how men can better set the mood. From porn and sexting to fantasies and massages, it’s time to step up your game when it comes to scoring.

Emily and Menace discuss the effects of being on Bravo, being reviewed by the Parents’ Council and being called “Strident”, talking about cock rings on national television, and the weirdness of old flames suddenly calling them up.  A Chinese village ascribes magical powers to a subterranean masturbation sleeve, and Sweden built an app to let you test out sex with your Facebook friends.

A male listener can’t unwrap his head around a partner’s past, and it’s affecting his confidence in bed. A foot fetishist writes in to explain the sexual appeal of podiatry. When a guy who doesn’t call after two dates suddenly wants to reconnect, Emily and Menace take different approaches to the dilemma. Menace uses astrology to explain a lot of Emily’s problems, and Emily thinks Menace has some “early ball trauma,” which prompts some personal delving on his part.

Finally, Menace would give up sex for a year for the 4 Alarm Double Decker Taco, but Emily is hard pressed to decide what she’d give up sex for. Enjoy the show!

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